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Ang Chin Leng, Founder of Artease

The artease story

What would a uniquely Singaporean cafe look like?

All good stories begin on uneventful days. The story of Artease is no different.

It was just another day in 2009. Artease founders Ang Chin Leng and Leslie Ang were sitting at a cafe in Taipei. People shuffled by, conversations flowed. While the two Angs happily slurped their teas, their minds began to wander away and away... Back to their homeland... And up the escalators of their air-conditioned imagination... They thought: “What would a uniquely Singaporean cafe look like?”

They paused. They put their cups down. “What would a uniquely Singaporean cafe look like?” Of course they had to find out. By answering it. When they landed back in the humid shores of Singapore, they got down to some “tea-riffic” strategising.

Tea has its origins steeped in Asia. Now, it was time for them to do something for Singapore.

The next 365 days was a whirlwind of researching for the right tastes and hooks. They travelled far and wide to bring home a diverse range of ingredients, mixed them up in a lab also known as the kitchen, and came up with a series of teas and coffees for Singapore. They thought about who could craft the image of Artease, and “tea-sed” local artists, designers and tastemakers into offering more than their two cents’ worth. Slowly and steadily, they built Artease to what it is today – a uniquely Singaporean cafe.

So what does it look like? Drop by Artease to find out. It isn’t The Answer, but it hopes to inspire more Singaporeans to start asking themselves this question, too. And while you’re at it, why not grab a cuppa Artease? The promise is great taste and a dollop of creativity in every cup.

We’re also constantly on the lookout for like-minded people – fans, friends, and franchisees – to join our “tea-m” of talented creators. Come say Hi to us!