Two ways to place your orders:

1  Call +65 64389928 or the outlet nearest to you.


2  Print, fill up the order form.

Scan and email the following details to

• Name, contact number and address
• Product and flavour
• Size (regular/large)
• Sugar level: 0%/25%/50%/75%/100%
• Add-ons: Pearls($0.3), Pocari Jelly($0.8), Earl Grey Tea Jelly($0.5), Grass Jelly($0.5), Aloe Vera($0.6), Coffee Jelly($0.8)

Call us at +65 6438 9928 to check if you’re within range!

If you don’t hear from us, do call to check that we’re processing your order. Thanks for helping us serve you better!

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