About Our Franchise

  We are on the lookout for interested franchise partners and investors to grow our brand in 2018

Why Artease?

1) A Singapore cafe brand that goes beyond kaya toast and kopi

We love our Kaya Toast and Kopi but we also love what we serve: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches infused with Asian flavours. And you coupled them with our Soy Earl Grey /Oolong Milk Tea or Coffee, you will have a nice well balanced meal. This isn’t just about food and beverages. It’s about how food, culture and lifestyle collide.

2) Proven Business Processes

We’ve got it all planned. Manpower costs are high. Operating costs are high. How can we still do well in such a climate? As an Artease franchisee, leverage on our proven businesses systems or collaborate with us to see how we can make your outlets relevant to the contexts you’re in.

3) Outreach through Online Delivery

Our outlets need not be operated in prominent high rent places. Our products are suitable for deliveries. We are very active on our Delivery Partner Platforms such as Ubereats, Deliveroo, Foodpanda, etc.. which help us in our outreach. Customers ordering through such platforms are also able to customize their own Grilled Cheese Sandwich Boxes. 

4) Quick and affordable setup

Time is money. Why go slow when you can do it fast? Why spend more when you can have it at a lower rate?  Our setup is relatively efficient and low costs that increases the rate of returns.

So talk to us for investments and franchise opportunities by writing to the following address: